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Here is a collection of sounds. Allows you to record and send. I believe that this is for Windows. Note: When uploading images to Voicethread we have found that Screencapture shots of Powerpoints will be clearer than the Powerpoint. Also, I continue to have problems uploading images from my Mac.

Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds.

An online option to GARAGE BAND

Talkshoe | Grabar podcasts y charlas (talkshow style- allows a group to contribute) The education Podcast Network.. muy bueno

This free site facilitates cell phone to web recording--and up to 100 MB storage for all kinds of files (not just audio.) Each new 'drop' generates a NYC area code phone number + extension (unique to that 'drop') which students can call on their cell phone to leave an mp3 recording.

*Assessing Speech/Audio in Word

Open Word Document, INSERT Object, choose WAV sound object, sound recorder will pop up and speech can be recorded.
(I do not have this option on my MAC.)