Skype for teachers/classrooms

Like Skype but Spanish/English lessons - you speak in Spanish for 5 and then English for 5 with random parters. This site is amazing. The concept is genius !

Online/Interactive Lessons :

Mendi - online vocabulary practice, several languages.

AP Spanish Listening practice


Online vocabulary practice - very simple, several languages.

MANGO - online through the Berks County Library
A little bit of everything for language learning. They also have a Wiki to join and a Facebook Group. They give nice updates, and tips.
Paradigms of Learning (Change in Education RCA)
Good video for discussion
Online matching games pre-made for basic Spanish learning. Simple and easy to use.
Native speakers correct your Spanish here.

Movie Trailers, Documentaries with exercises and MORE !

Children's Stories with Audio

Children's Stories

Preterite vs. Imperfect- a story
Here is one teacher's attempt to show the difference between preterite and imperfect. Nice technology.

This is the BBC's interactive Spanish program, Mi Vida Loca. It is excellent. Picture_15.png

This is Ben Curtis and Marina Diaz's site. The audio portions of the podcasts are free and there are three levels of difficulty. There is a slight fee for the transcripts. The topics are interesting and the audio is very clear. This is a great site most useful for more advanced high school students.


This is the University of Texas' site. It has many video/audio clips of native speakers. The transcripts are also available.
It is very well done and useful for many levels.

The University of Toronto's audio site.


Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh


EYECATCHER.pngThis is an interactive story about shopping in Spain.

This site may be more useful for cultural topics. There is some audio in Spanish but the focus is really great global ideas.


RAZA- Hispanic heritage information



Academic Resources related to Latin America