Movies to Watch

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Movies and Shows available for viewing

University of Virginia's Video Collection (clips)

Film Trailers for Spanish Films

Movies for the Spanish class

BombayTV: sitio maravilloso para crear películas con subtítulos (también en fracés)

Movie Activities for the Spanish Classroom

La Misma Luna - MS
Alamar - HS
Viva Cuba - HS
Mad Hot Ballroom - MS
The Devil's Miner - MS
La Llave Mágica (The Indian and the Cupboard)- MS
Casi Casi - HS
La Historia Oficial - HS
Carol's Journey - HS
Valentin - HS
Cinco Amigas - HS
Cheetah Girls in Barcelona? - MS
Diarios Moto - Not in class but suggested HS
Mar Adentro - HS
El Orfanato - Not in class but suggested HS
Bella - HS
Cometas en el Cielo - HS