La Guerra Civil EspaƱola - YOUTUBE LINKS
Guernica: Picasso's Testimony v=HYTkZZokjGE&feature=related

Guernika Lives v=dXs20qYLL9o&feature=related

Guernica &Picasso v=jGLKpyWFyS8&feature=fvwrel

Documental sobre la Guerra Civil Espanola v=3C5ScyIU_6U&feature=relmfu

Roberto Kappa y la Guerra Civil Espanola v=r2NWsYTGsno&feature=related

Miguel Hernandez "Tristes Guerras" Vicente Monera (uses shots from the
war and guernica)

Miguel Hernandez v=nB3CqKBSPOw

Centenario del poeta Miguel Hernandez v=NoZ_GeKxSgE&feature=related