is a new service that allows you to easily clip a section from a YouTube video and share that section with others. To use just grab the link to a YouTube video, paste it into, and then enter the start and end times for the section of video you want to share. After you've completed those steps will generate a link and an embed code that will play just the section of video you selected.

Meant to be faster than ZAMZAR and should play with QUICKTIME.
The suggestion is to save clips as a MP4.

Converts files without the need to download software.

This is a site that will help you download streaming videos.

(I have had trouble with this on my mac)

Converts files for free without software.

You can collect your favorite online videos here.

Converts YOUTUBE urls to safe urls that only display that actual video.

This site converts pdf files into word but I haven't tried it yet.
This site converts currency with the help of Google Earth.
Shows you how to take a photo of your computer screen.